Wednesday, 25 September 2013

So far...

Hello there! Just have the need to update my blog. It's still the holidays, but I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND. I only come out of the house for trainings and work. Sucks to be broke I guess fuuhuu.

Some random photos I took at work haha I don't know what was going on in my mind. Nobody wanted to take photos wimme so I 'shiok sendiri' LOL.

glorious eyebags

fox girl
Also, my Sasha Braus from Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay is progressing!! Kinda. I decided to buy my entire cosplay instead of making them... it's my first time, I should just buy... wait what logic HAHAHA. In case you don't know how Sasha looks like, here is she swinging on my blog.

And here is my take on her

Not even close yet haha. I still need my wig which I haven't ordered. The belt and suspenders I bought are useless now cuz I wont be wearing them. Yes, I am going to buy the harness as well. E V E R Y T H I N G. Lol. The highlight of my costume is the jacket keke. I was spazzing at work cuz I picked the package up at the office and went straight to work. The only thing I need now is Sasha's weird-coloured coloured top.

 Okay I guess that's that. Nothing to talk about training unless reading my rant about how tiring CM's training sessions are or how I still can't do the maca interesting. Ja~

Monday, 23 September 2013


I can't sleep even though its 5am and I have training later on. Just have too much going on on my mind. I'm trying my best to be the best daughter, but I always find myself doing the total opposite.

Most of the times, you don't appreciate the little things I do but focus on what I always do wrong.

I'm sick of it. Nobody ever appreciate me. Not ever, not truly. The only thing I can do is keep quiet and rage inside. Of course. I can never anger my parents after all they've done. I owe too much to them. At least, I've never done immoral doings teenagers do these days. That's enough for now. Mum and dad has enough on their hands with the problematic little brother.

My best solution right now: keep trying.

I'm sorry this is one of those whiny posts I am having an episode forgive me u-u

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pulau Ubin trip - 28/02/13

Hey there! I've been wanting to blog about this epic adventure with my lovely cousin but I keep delaying. So here is it. Went all the way to the east to get breakfast first but someone overslept. I thought of going over to her house but I took the wrong bus. 291 actually has two different routes and I happen to take the wrong one -_- I had fun going one round around Tampines before reaching the interchange again. Meet up with Z and takeaway our breakfast. Took the bumboat to the island and sat down somewhere near the shore to eat. While we were eating, I decided to look behind me and to my horror, a dog was directly behind me observing. I screamed and we kinda freaked out and moved to another place. I couldn't eat in peace anymore lmao. After breakfast, we rented our bikes and now let the pictures do the talking~

Fun fact: I can't do fabulous jump shots no matter how hard I try *cries* There were a lot of hills and when there are hills there's a sign that says 'Dismount and push.' Z was like "YOLO Mimim!!" So I tried going downhill. I couldn't control the bike and skidded... smoothly. My hat even flew away. If it was not for my quick reflexes I would've been badly injured. That was the end of my YOLO moment hahaha. After going Pulau Ubin we could have hung out at the malls but Z had to go home early :( I wanted to watch Kickass 2 and walked to the nearest cinema but I couldn't find it. Went to the next mall but the timing was too late. My efforts was wasted and like screw it I'm going to watch at Woodlands.

From after going into the rain, my mind is on snooze mood. I couldn't function properly. Stoned too much lol. I actually took the lift and reached the floor but stoned. I only realised I've reached when a guy said "Eh tak nak keluar ke?" HAHA. Super embarassing. Even when lining up for tickets I didn't see the available counter. Kickass 2 was really awesome. Could've been more fun watching if I was with a friend. I can laugh openly rather than smile, because laughing alone is just pitiful haha. Epic part was when there was a One Direction parody band. In my mind I went TROLOLOL. After the movie I went to buy some unecessary stuff at Etude and went home. It was a long worthwhile day.