Friday, 16 August 2013

Random facts

My name means 'my sweet scent.'

I'm a perfectionist... most of the time.

I have a scar on my nose.

I am not close to my siblings at all.

I have a very sensitive nose. I'll get instant flu when someone smokes or my nose cries when I spray some strong perfume.

I can get very pissy, but don't show it.

I'm into art, but I suck at it. Big time.

I'm also into martial arts, which I just started this year.

I love adventure and sports but I hate the sun. LOL.

I'm a design student.

I like this guy, but he will never notice me.

I love the Japanese culture.


I'm a paranoid parrot.

I am also a fairy that sprinkles glitter all over you and make magic stars and marshmallows from clouds.

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