Saturday, 24 August 2013

Natsu Matsuri 2013

2013 marks the first Natsu Matsuri I've ever went to! I had so much fun~ Lined up with Girl-whose-name-I cant-spell-im-very-sorry. Took quite a while. I actually saw some Metallica fans (I know cuz they were wearing the band shirts) lining up as well but I thought they had a concert to go to LOL. The girls were so pretty and the guys are so kakkoi in their yukatas~ Maybe next year I'll get to wear one! 

Father & Daughter

Nabilah, Vivien and Ren(??)


I played the yoyo-tsuri for the first time and got three balloons. Am I a pro or am I a pro? The shooting game was kind of a fail for me cuz I didn't win anything significant :(

I swear this is so nice it's green tea ice-cream

Here's my messily-eaten corn.

Oh here's me eating corn.

Cute kid in yukata #2290

Maan the cROWD

Some Albirex Niigata players. 

I bumped into Yan Yan, Cid and Bryan and Nabilah said she saw two other guys from our course. I think a lot of design year ones have a thing with J-Culture LOL. Anyway, in the evening we were all looking for the candied apple a lot of people was seen with. Turns out a guy was kind of giving them out. I got two for myself and Nabilah. It was so awkward cuz I went to to a random guy around the table area and asked where he got them. He was actually the one giving out for free. I thanked him a lot cuz FREE. Went off at about 830 cuz we ran out of snacks. I'd like to give this event a two thumbs up for the people, the athmosphere, everything! It was so well-coordinated. I could've joined the Bon Odori but I had no friends, Nabs was taking care of our stuff while I snap some shots ;;

See you next year, Natsu Matsuri!

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